Natalie Peatfield


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When I was very young, my family and I drove from England to the Mediterranean for a summer holiday. My mother gave my brother and I a small notepad and pencil and told us that we should record our trip every day. I loved it immediately, and have done it almost every day since. 

These days I use 99 cent store notepads. I fill them up and throw them away.  It's not a privacy thing.  I rarely look at old photographs either.  I like to say what I need to say, and then to move on.  I am the opposite of nostalgic.

So why publish a blog?  I don't know.  I think every writer at some point wants to be read. It's a difficult truth that I would rather not be the case.  From closeted to visible writing feels to me like forcing myself out of sweatpants and putting on makeup.  I'd rather not, but the effort is important I think.

So here, in moderately more grammatically correct form than I would have otherwise endeavoured to write, are one or two ideas I had about things that would otherwise have been inflicted on friends, family or notepads, and which are now instead being inflicted onto you.